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Listomatic is an amazingly useful list app that is as simple and easy-to-use as it is beautiful.

There is too much to remember and with Listomatic, don't waste your time trying. Use Listomatic to keep track of all your passwords, pin numbers, account information, ideas, things you need to do, restaurants you want to try - everything. Listomatic gives you the flexibility to organize your information however you want.

Listomatic improves your life by helping you...
Remember Everything
Use lists to track all the info you don't want to forget.
Track tasks and to dos
Get those TPS reports out on time with the new coversheets!
Organize your info
Cleanliness is next to godliness, right?
Share lists with others
Team up with others to get more done.
Say it with a picture
After all, pictures are worth a thousand words.
Have complete flexibility
Store your information however you want.

What some very smart people have said about Listomatic
"Listomatic is extremely simple to use and has a cool, uncluttered interface."
"This app is simple yet gets it all done. The 'email this list' function is fantastic."
"I have a list for EVERYTHING and this app just made it infinitely easier to keep track of everything."
"Listomatic is simple, easy to use, and looks great. "
"Love it! It's simple and intuitive. I especially like the UI. Way to go Listomatic!"
"Perfect to keep all of my lists, passwords, etc in one location!"
Because Listomatic loves you

We have released a Listomaic-inspired icon set. For you. For free. Enjoy!

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